March 10 through 24, 2012

On March 10 the wonderful Vrindavan retreat at Munger Mandir will get started by celebrating the 80th birthday of Radha Mohan!

Sadhu Maharaja with Krishna Chandra in Dole/France

Sadhu Maharaja with Krishna Chandra in Dole/France

This retreat will take you to various holy places in and around Vrindavan:

  • bhajans at the places where Krishna performed his Lila (sacred pasttimes)
  • lots of Lila-katha (discussions about the pasttimes)
  • temple visits
  • room for prayer and meditation
  • darshan (personal encounters) with sadhus (holy men and women living in Vrindavan)
  • early morning meditation at Munger mandir – for the early risers among you 😉
  • tasty feasts
  • introduction to the sadhana (regular practise) of prayer
  • seminars and discussions
  • and much more

Information und Registration:

Kalindi: +41 44 764 38 40,

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