Education to grow with love...

Prem Education is a project founded and guided by Sripad BV Sadhu Maharaja. Our aim is to provide children with a holistic education that promotes not only academic excellence, but also instills values of love, respect, and service.

At Prem Education, we believe that education should go beyond the confines of a classroom and textbooks. Our curriculum is designed to teach children real-life skills, such as culture, respect for elders, and taking care of their environment. We encourage our students to take responsibility for their surroundings by teaching them about proper garbage disposal and cleaning practices.

In addition to these life skills, we also offer vocational training in areas such as stitching, knitting, and carpentry. We believe that these skills can help children acquire jobs and become self-sufficient in the future.

Of course, we also prioritize traditional subjects like math, English, and Hindi. However, our approach to teaching these subjects is rooted in a mood of love and service to Radha Mohan. We encourage our students to develop a personal relationship with the deities and to see their studies as a form of devotion.

We believe that education should be a joyful experience. We strive to create a learning environment where children feel safe, loved, and supported. We want our students to grow up to become kind, compassionate, and responsible citizens who can make a positive impact on their communities.

Thank you for your interest in Prem Education. We invite you to join us in our mission to provide children with an education that grows with love.