Most of the people in Jamdaha and the surrounding area live from agriculture. Naturally, the people follow the rhythmic cycle of land cultivation and harvest time. Rice, wheat, vegetables and tropical fruits (i,e, mango, papaya, lichee etc) are among the most important goods in Jamdaha. In Jamdaha you will find people cultivating in traditional ways as well as processing the harvested goods locally, for example in nearby rice, wheat and sugar cane mills.

The temple in Jamdaha is cultivating rice, wheat and a great variety of vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, including papayas, mangos, potatoes, tomatoes, coriander, spinach, lentils, ginger etc. The long term aim is to become self-sustainable.

Volunteers are doing a very important work for the agriculture throughout the year, and help is particularly needed during the cultivation and harvesting season (July-September; November-January)