Welcome to the heartwarming Prem Prasad food distribution program in Jamdaha village. Every day, once a day, we distribute this food of love to the villagers. The Prem Prasad distribution is a joyful event, and many children join us with smiling faces.

We use lentils and vegetables from the fields of the temple, which are grown with love and care. We cook the food naturally on an open clay-firewood oven, which adds a special touch of tradition and authenticity. The aroma of the freshly cooked food fills the air, and the taste of the prasad is simply divine.

In addition to daily distribution, we also serve delicious Prem Prasad at festival times in the village. Our food is not just a means of sustenance but also a way to share the love and warmth of our community.

We believe that food is not just about filling our stomachs but also nourishing our souls. By distributing Prem Prasad, we hope to bring joy and comfort to those in need and create a sense of unity in the village.

If you’re ever in Jamdaha, we invite you to join us in this beautiful tradition of sharing love through food. Come and experience the joy of giving and receiving the blessings of the divine.