Welcome to the website of Sadhu Maharaja!

This webpage is dedicated to the bhakti saint Shrila Sadhu Maharaja from Vrindavan, India, whose life and teachings embody the yoga practice of prema (love) and seva (selfless service), and who encourages all to practice ‘love in action’.

“Love in action” is something very practical and inspirational. It transforms and nourishes us from inside. It is a practice of loving from soul to soul, seeing all living entities as divine beings, parts and parcels of the Divine. And for this practise we do not have to go anywhere, we can start right where we are, in all moments and with all persons and living entities, in all circumstances.

Shrila Sadhu Maharaj is showing how to love and serve others unconditionally, through his living example and his temple ashrams in Vrindavan and Jamdaha, India, as well as through his teachings on the philosophy of bhakti yoga.

Under the guidance of Sadhu Maharaja, several ‘love in action’ projects have been initiated in India and Europe. These include Prem Prasad (distribution of food), Children’s education, Agriculture, Cow care, and devotional music (Kirtans). Volunteers run all these projects, and you are open-heartedly invited to take part.

Who is Sadhu Maharaja ?

Sripad Sadhu Maharaja is a person rare to find in this world.  As the former king of Munger, India, he decided one day to give up all his power and wealth to search entirely for pure divine love, prema. As a unique messenger of love he has travelled through North- & South America, Europe and Asia, emanating love and kindness.

Seeing real beauty in everyone and in everything, he unites people from various backgrounds, with loving understanding and personal relationship, as he is acting and speaking from the platform of the soul. His humble and sweet nature shines like a brilliant light into this world, bearing a wonderful experience for everybody who comes in contact with him.