Srila Rupa Goswami writes about mainly five extremely wonderful characteristics of bhakti-yoga.

When we perform bhakti-yoga and when we progress on the path, these unique characteristics will be experienced in our soul:

Our suffering in this material world will come to an end.

What kind of suffering will come to an end?

  1. Reactions to our bad deeds (in this life or in previous lives.
  2. The seed of these bad deeds (unwanted and extremely selfish, material ego-desires.
  3. Our ignorance about our true self.

The path of bhakti will bring auspiciousness into our lives.

Namely, of four types:

  1. Deep affection for all living beings
  2. Being loved by all living beings
  3. Possession of good qualities
  4. Happiness on the platform of the soul

Disregard for liberation
When we progress on our way in bhakti-yoga, the four goals of human life (pleasure, wealth, liberation, religious profit) will become completely insignificant because the real wealth is the fifth goal of human life: our goal, prema-bhakti.

Bhakti is rarely attained
We should always try to perform bhakti-yoga with loving attachment to Sri Krishna. And we should always be conscious of our dependency on His mercy.

Concentrated bliss
When we progress further and further in bhakti-yoga, we will go through the stages of firm steadiness (nistha) and we will reach the stages of affection and taste (ruci). From ruci we will develop extremely deep attraction to Sri Sri Radha Krishna (asakti), so much so that our true self will be bathed in the nectar of love at every further step and we will feel concentrated bliss.