Kirtan Seva at Munger Raj Mandir, guided by Srila Gurudev BV Sadhu Maharaja, is a divine opportunity to serve and connect with the divine through the chanting of the holy names. This tradition has been established in honor of Radha Govinda Das Babaji, the spiritual master of Sadhu Maharaja, who wished for a 24-hour harinam yagna (singing of the holy names as an offering) to be performed at Munger Mandir.

Since many years, the ashram has been able to offer the non-stop chanting of the holy Maha Mantra for 12 hours daily. The singers are widowed devotees who live in poor circumstances and are without a steady income. By providing them with 360€ monthly, we can ensure their livelihood.

Our ultimate goal is to extend the duration of the Maha Mantra kirtan to 24 hours a day as an offering to Radha Mohan. This devotional practice creates a profound connection with the divine and allows us to experience the sweetness of the holy names.

We welcome all devotees and visitors to participate in this service and experience the joy of kirtan seva. Your contributions and support will help us to expand and continue this beautiful tradition at Munger Raj Mandir.