Today is Sri Radha-Mohanju’s 82nd installation anniversary at Sri Munger Mandhir with Srila Sadhu Maharaja!

March 10, 1936, was the grand appearance of Sri Sri Radha Mohan in Vrindavan.
Today on the anniversary Sripad BV Sadhu maharaja spoke to devotees and distinguished guests
how his grandparents established Munger Raj Mandir in Vrindavan:
“…I (BV Sadhu’s grandfather) have found a place (for Radha Mohan in Vrindavan).”
And 1926 he decided that he want to do this…
You will see all the bricks, all the planning is the planning of my grandmother and grandfather.
They planned, they organized and they do, with full of love. Not only… they were full of love (for Radha Mohan).
My grandfather’s seva was parfume seva in the kunja and my grandmother’s seva was the dressing.
Always she was… making clothes for Radha Mohan.
With her own hand! Not with machine. Nowadays we can not do this.
She was doing with ten women for Radha Mohan, every day.


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