We love Sadhu Maharaja very much, he is a very extraordinary soul. Since 10 years I am helping him in his tours to preach in the west. When he was preaching in the west, his programm was very intense and he had to deal with so many souls…

Since a few months his bodily health was very weak. He was now a few weeks in an ayurvedic treatment. Maharaja also likes to stay in Vrindavan and do his Bhajan there. This is why he cancelled his whole tour for this year.
He changed his diet his health is increasing. Everyone is also invited to his ashram in Kartik – and of course all the time during the year.

But because many devotees could not afford to go to India and have his sanga, he will now come to europe just for a very short time. Like Narayana Maharaja and other elderly sadhus are doing since a long time he will this year also come to one place only. This will reduce so much traveling which makes the body so tired and fatigue.

Sadhu Maharaja will come to the Vaishnava Mela in Dole from 31 July till 7 august 2010. You are all invited to come there to have his sanga (www.spirituelle-ferien.org).
On 8 August there will be a big public program in Zürich. And afterwards he will come one week to Ananda dham Ashram in the Swiss mountains. Also there you are invited (www.ananda-dham.com).

He told me that he wants to continue traveling and visiting the devotees the years to come.

(E-Mail sent by Krishna Candra on April 15, 2010)


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