Unfortunately, we have to tell you that Sadhu Maharaja has cancelled his summer tour to Europe this year. Here is his message to all of you:

My dear devotees, brothers and sisters,

I am sorry that I cannot be with you this year in Dole. There is no difference in between me and Krishna Candra we are two body and one soul. If I am not fisically present he will guide you and inspire you, how you can serve me. I have one request that you all come to Dole Mela and make successful all program.

If Devotees come together in a mood of sincere longing, then Krishna and Radhika will surely reciprocate. And all the devotees are also invited to come to Munger Mandir.

Sadhu Maharaja

Sadhu Maharaja on May 20, 2010, disappearance day of his gurudev Radha Govinda das Babaji

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Ananga Manjari d.d · May 28, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Hari bol!
Dear Gurudev, I am Thinking of you and I Love you very much. I remerber all the time your sweet smile.Last week I was in Los Angeles Temples, very nice, and I hope to come very soon to Munger Mandir to see you! All the best
Hare Krishna
Your servant Ananga Manjari dasi (France)

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