Sri Sri Radha-­Mohan ki Jay!

Dear friends,

We would like to give some information for those of you who are coming to Munger Mandir this Karthik.

Please write us an email as soon as you know when you are coming so that we can arrange room(s) for you in advance. If you like us to book a taxi from here to pick you up at the airport, please give details of number of people, time (date and hour), flight number, and city of departure.

Sri Sri Radha Mohan

Sri Sri Radha Mohan

It might be a bit cold here in the evenings. We would recommend that you bring your sleeping bags (if you have old ones that you can leave here, this is also welcomed!).

If you would like to bring something from Europe, we would inspire you to bring ecological cleaning liquids for washing clothes, floor, dishes, bath, etc. for the temple.

We are distributing prem prasad every day. If you have some space in your luggage it is wonderful if you to bring clothes to distribute as well.

Last Kartik we opened the large hall (in front of kitchen) in Munger Mandir for seminars, hari katha and bhajan. If anyone would like to come with suggestions for seminars or lectures or other for the hall, or would like to hold seminars/classes, please let us know and we can include it in the Kartik program (see suggestions below). The hall is also used as library.

It is Sadhu Maharaja’s wish that this hall becomes a place for sharing and love in action!


  • Devotional classes
  • Hari Katha
  • Yoga classes
  • Music classes/kirtan: harmonium, mrdanga, cartals and singing classes
  • Kriya/hatha/other yoga classes
  • Lectures
  • Song learning classes


  • Silence/japa seminars
  • Non-­‐violence/peace workshops
  • Meditation
  • Language teaching (Hindi, Bengali, English)
  • Seminars on holy texts
  • Mantra learning
  • Healing seminars
  • Cooking Classes (in kitchen backside)

We are looking very much forward to seeing you soon in Vrindavan! Radhe Radhe!


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