Radhe Radhe dears brothers and sisters. This is a text written by our brother Sridhar, on his own experience and consideration about the life in Jamdaha village. Hope that it can be an inspiration for everybody to come to this wonderful place. Love and blessings from Radha Patita Pavana (the presiding deities of the Jamdaha temple) to you all.


There is one thing, an important thing, that most of the people of the Western world have lost: this thing is to live peacefully in a simple way. Our mind is disturbed so much by material things. If we really reflect about this, we understand that we can live without them, and it is so nice. Jamdaha is the best place to live in this simple way, rediscovering our capacities to live simple, in contact with nature, and this is the beauty of this place.

Sridhara and Tribhanga living the simple village life

Sridhara and Tribhanga living the simple village life

It is very important for all to have such a wonderful place where it is possible to make seva (service) to Radha and Krishna without any pressure. I would like to let you know about the realization that we had during the time we spent in the village.

One important thing to have a peaceful mind and spirit is to be in contact with nature, and to go with the rhythm of nature. If we wake up in the early morning, when the sun is coming to visit us, and take rest a little after sunset, after some time we will start to feel a sensation of well-being inside of us.

So to stay without electricity is not a penalty but a very important thing that can bring nice benefits. To take a shower is possible just with cold water in Jamdaha, that actually is a little warm because the water comes from the earth; this is not an austerity but is very refreshing and healthy. Also in winter time all the village take shower just with cold water, and honestly I see more sick people in my country than here. The toilette is the classic Indian toilet, which is good for our health. It has actually been proven that the western toilet is so much less hygienic than this; the ayurveda medicine says also that if we sit as in a chair to make our necessities (western toilets), when we become old we’ll find problems on the prostate and difficulty to contain urine etc. So I think that is good not to make a western civilization in the Jamdaha’s bathroom!



In the village there are not many food shops, where we can buy everyday what ever like to us.This is also is not a disadvantage, but a fortune. The Prasad of Radha Patit Pavana in Jamdaha is so pure. Most of the food comes straight from Patit Pavana’s fields and garden, or from the fields of someone other nearest to the temple. To eat healthy food without many processes of preparation is very important for the body.The ayurveda says that one of the biggest problems causing diseases in the stomach is when one changes food everyday. In the temple only simple food is cooked, and more or less the same preparations everyday.

Eating many things in the packets like chips or chocolates is also very bad for the stomach, and in the village it is not possible to find these kinds of things. There is nothing better than Prasad that comes directly from agriculture, healthy, pure, virtuous and tasteful!

The air is another important thing for the well-being of our body. We have become contaminated from the date of our birth, by the gas of thousands of cars. In the village there are just a few jeeps and motorcycle that go and come in a day, so it is possible to take rest for the lungs, and to breath a nice pure air; after sometime we can feel this benefit in our mind also.

Cooking is also is done with natural resources.There is one solar panel on the roof of the temple which makes it possible to cook in a big pot easily, so fast in a warm day,and all that using just the beautiful power of the sun! It is possible to cook also making a fire with woods in a proper place on the rear-side of the temple. When we cook like that we can understand how much beauty there is, to cook using just what Krishna gave to us through nature.

Radha Patita Pavan

Radha Patita Pavan

There is always some seva to do for Patita Pavana in Jamdaha, and in a peaceful way, without pressure or anxiety. The atmosphere is simply wonderful; the people in Jamdaha are very simple and we can learn many things from them; everybody is always smiling, and everybody loves what he or she does. There are a lots of enthusiastic children filled with the joy of life, it is very nice to stay with them, teaching some English lesson or other subject matters.

Jamdaha is a very beautiful place to make spiritual life, making seva for Patita Pavana. I think that this is a place for all who want to live a natural life, without many material things, and rediscover their own capacities to live in a simple way, a point that we have lost by using many useless technological things. So I think that is very important to keep Jamdaha in all its beauty, without bringing all our western comforts which only help us in an external way, but kill our capacity to live in a simple way with Krishna and the beauty of His creation. We invite all to come to Jamdaha to make seva for Radha Patita Pavana and enjoy the fantastic beauty of this place!

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