Devotees and visitors of this website are repeatedly asking about the meaning of this mantra:

akhanda mangala karan
vetti janam characharam
tad padam darshitam yena
tasmai sri gurave namah

Sadhu Maharaja is chanting this pranam mantra in order to meditate upon his own Gurudev and he also recommends this mantra to all of his disciples. Here is its meaning:

akhanda (the undivided guru principle) mangala (auspicious) karan (doing)

vetti (realizing this) janam (in all human beings) charaacharam (and in moving and non-moving things – in other words: everywhere)

tat padam darshitam yena (should the lovely guidance of Gurudev be seen – it’s Sri Krishna’s invitation)

tasmai sri gurave namah (I offer everything everything to my loved Gurudev – my “me” and my “my”)

Sadhu Maharaja has various times mentioned that he wants to avoid any official guru structures. There are so many unnecessary formalities in the gaudiya world, although the sastra is speaking about madhurya…

He therefore does not want any official pranam mantra (nama om visnu padaya…), but has taken a general mantra to guru tattva.

One should always understand that the individual guru is a representation of the guru tattva (Nityananda, to give a soul the power to establish itself in the sandhini shakti and then Radhika in order to establish the soul in the svarup).

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