27th of July to 3rd of August 2015

European Vaishnava Mela in Hungary was established in 1994 by our beloved Gurudeva, Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj to share what we have, to exchange our experiences and to rejunovate by listening the teachings and bhajans of the pure devotees. So take advantage of this opportunity!

We count on You in organisation. Please come up with your ideas! We need drama and music performers, helpers all over, especially at the open day…

Finally, some practical information concerning the Mela:
The 21. European Vaishnava Mela will start at Monday, 27th July, and end at Monday, 3rd of August. The first common program will be on the 28th, Monday evening and the last one will be in the morning on Monday, 3rd of August.

Lodging will be as usual. We strongly recommend camping in the woods adjacent to the temple, but we have also recently expanded our capacity with a guest house. If you would prefer not to stay in the camping area, please let us know at once. While we are still able, we will try to satisfy your wishes, but the possibilities are quite limited. If you tell us only upon your arrival, then we probably can’t offer you anything other than the camping area. By the way, the camping area is not at all uncomfortable, but try to avoid arriving at night when it may become difficult to pitch your tent. There are respectable showers  and toilettes in the camping.

If you are coming with children, it is important to know that we are organisizing separate children’s programs during the daytime. There will beBhagavad Gita verse-learning, kids’ yoga, or maybe even a children’s program that you have recommended. For the sake of children’s safety as well as tranquility of the others, we ask the parents to help each other in looking after the children. Occasionally this calls for some sacrifice, since it is better during lectures and seminars that require one’s attention, for children not to attend. After all, it is not convenient for the children to be there, and it is disturbing for others in attendance, so we ask the parents to regularly coordinate parental supervision of the children.

On 1st of August, Saturday afternoon, there will be an open day with extraordinary programs scheduled. We will be in need of many kinds of small assistance. We would like to count on your help. We are looking for bhajan leaders, reciters of Vedic mantras, devotees putting on cooking exhibitions, pantomime artists, people to prepare installations, and many other duties. We will inform you of the details at the Mela. Until that time, please keep it in mind.

The suggested contribution cost for the Mela 2015 16 €/day, which covers the camping and full provisions. The full week is 108 € which should be paid in full by evening of the opening day. There is no charge for children 6 and under, and a 50% reduction in cost for teenagers aged 7-16.

Please help in the organisation by replying very quickly. It is even enough if you just write: “I’m coming.” However, if you have any request, or special needs, please write at once. The organization work is made much more difficult if we only find out on the last day how many are coming, and especially difficult if there are individual requests that we won’t be able to take into consideration or that may inconvenience theirs.

Direct your registration and any questions right now or till 9th of July to Paramatma dasa (Mihály Kabók) at nandafalva@gmail.com

In the service of Sri Guru, Gauranga
and the Mela Nandafalva 2015

Mela team

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