Sadhu Maharaja wants to share (via Kalindi) the following important extract from Vilapa-kusumanjali by Raghunatha dasa Goswami, verse 60-61, page 235, purport by Ananta Dasa Babaji Maharaja, translated by Advaita dasa:

“Sri Rupa Manjari and Tulasi serve Svamini day and night, acoording to the time. They are primarily interested in service, and relishing Svamini’s form, qualities and pastimes comes afterward. They serve her both in meeting and in separation from Krishna. The premika sevika always stays with Svamini. First Svamini must be loved, and then the sweetness of Her form, qualities and pastimes can be relished. The worship of Vraja is a worship of love, not a worship according to scriptural injunctions. It is a bhajan based on greed.”

Sri Sri Radha Mohan at Munger Mandir

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