TripAdvisorThe Munger Mandir guest house is open for anyone who wants to come to Vrindavan to experience the authentic atmosphere of a traditional ashram. The rooms are in good condition and most rooms have air condition and hot water.


If you are planning to come to Vrindavan and stay at Munger Mandir, please write to, sending your exact arrival date and time, flight number, the number of people arriving, the duration of your stay, the number of rooms you need. Please let US know well in advance.

Arrival and Taxi Pick-Up

  • If you request us to send a taxi: upon your arrival at the international airport in New Delhi, the driver will be waiting outside Gate No.6, holding a signboard saying “Welcome to Munger Mandir, Your Name”.
    (Please keep in mind that that after leaving the arrival hall you are not allowed to go back into the airport!)
  • In case your flight is delayed or any other problems occur, please call the owner of the taxi company, Hari Das prabhu.

In case you cannot find the driver, please also call Hari Das.

  • Please never pay directly the taxi fare to the driver. Rather, kindly directly pay to us in Munger Mandir, as we pay the owner of the taxi company directly, that’s the best way to avoid any misunderstandings. Also, please do not pay for parking, toll and petrol, everything is included in the price. If you pay something, then please inform us; however you are free to give some tip to the driver (i.e. 50-100RS)
  • If your flight is delayed, the taxi company will charge a bit more for parking fee at the airport.
  • Currently the taxi price rates are:
    2.500Rs for a small car (3-4 persons, less luggage)
    3.100Rs for a big car (4-6 persons +luggage)
  • The taxi companies charge 2-300 Rupees extra for usage of A/C. Please keep in mind that prices are subdued to changes!
  • It is advisable not to change much money at the airport, if it is not necessary. The rates are generally not good. Once in Vrindavan, we can help you with exchanging money.